Setting up Wireless 802.1x with Windows Server 2008 and NPS

Filed Under (Windows Networking) by Just An Admin on 25-11-2010

Setting up a more advanced Wireless network within a business, school or other large organization network quickly brings you to use 802.1x for security reasons, allowing you to connect to a LDAP, RADIUS or Active Directory (AD) service. My brand new wireless network, consisting of a Ruckus ZoneDirector 1006 and five Ruckus 7363 Access Points was going to be connected to our Windows 2008 Server using Network Policy Services (NPS). Users connecting to this network have to be registered in the AD and be able to use that account to connect to the Wireless network. I know PSK/Certificate based solutions are offered too, even with the Ruckus product itself, but this is what we decided upon.
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