Project: Building a cheap NAS, part 1

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A NAS storage is no longer a luxury for the big companies that are able to spend 5-6 figures. For the last few years NAS storage has become a common product even to be found in small offices and home environments. Most of these products perform pretty good out-of-the-box and do exactly what they where designed to do; Store data and make it accessible through different protocols.

But….. i am looking for more. Most 4 to 6 drive solutions do not offer me the Terra-bytes needed to store my data. I need more and I’m not willing to pay an arm and a leg to get it. So I decided to build my own hardware setup and use FreeNAS to build our own NAS storage.

I’m going to build this unit on borrowed knowledge and good common sense.  There are some pretty decent sources of information on the web, like the FreeNAS community or different public community forums. And a lot of DiY NAS builders that have paved the way.

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HOW TO Create your own bootable VMWare ESXi 4 usb stick

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I’ve updated an exisiting article to match the VMware ESXi 4 requirements, but this document was originally posted here. VMware ESXi 4 is certified to run on a broad range of 64-bit hardware.


  • 1 GB USB flash drive (aka pen drive or USB stick) or larger
  • WinImage
  • 7Zip

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