Freenas 8.0.1, VMWare VSphere 5 (ESXi) and iSCSI

Filed Under (Storage, VMware VSphere 5) by Just An Admin on 06-10-2011

The test hardware

We recently completed the build of our ‘do it yourself’ NAS storage, using Freenas 8.0.1. To put this new setup to work we purchased a secondhand HP DL360 G5 with the following specs:

HP DL360 G5
2 x Intel Xeon 5335 2Ghz processor
24GB internal memory (4×4, 4×2)
P400i SAS cache controller, 256MB with Battery Backup
6 x 73GB 15K SAS disk in RAID6
2 x 1GB LAN interface

With this used hardware we have a dedicated test server we can use to put our Freenas Storage through all different kinds of test. We installed an internal 2GB USB stick in the DL360 and installed VMWare VSphere 5 (aka ESXi 5) on the box and configured or tweaked nothing besides the basic network settings. Read the rest of this entry »

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