Hurricane IPv6 Tunnel fails on Windows XP!

Filed Under (Windows Networking) by Just An Admin on 22-11-2010

My current internet service provider does not support IPv6, yet. So to get some hands-on experience using IPv6 from my home computers I configured an IPv6 Tunnel offered by Hurricane Electric ( This worked perfectly and never let me down. 

Using IPv6 is not an activity you plan on doing. You just use it… or not. So it has been a few months that I last used my tunnel to connect to IPv6 services and found that is was no longer able to connect.  When pinging an IPv6 host I got errors like Request Time Out or Could not find host.

As I neglected to use the connection for some time, I thought my free service expired or was disabled in some way. After digging up my account and logging on to verify the state of my tunnel, all seemed fine. No problem there! Next, I reconfigured my tunnel on my Windows XP machine and again…. and again… and again…. But none of my attempts resulted into a working IPv6 tunnel. As setting up a tunnel in Windows XP requires but three commands, this shouldn’t be that hard to setup. As Google is my friend, is asked him. It took some digging and reading to find out more people experienced this problem just a selected few knew the origin of this problem:

Security Update KB978338 (

Remove the above mentioned update from your computer (do so at your own risk) and your problems are over. That simple!

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