SQL Server 2008: The INSTANCESHAREDWOWDIR command line value was not specified.

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When trying to install SQL 2008 Express on one of our Windows 2008 x64 servers, i was surpirsed by this error message when specifying another install drive:

The INSTANCESHAREDWOWDIR command line value was not specified. This value must be specified when the INSTANCESHAREDDIR value is specified.

After searching the internet it seems that is a flaw in the installation process when you run setup on a server that allready contains SQL Server 2005. You can work around this by starting the setup from the command line with teh following option:

Navigate to the directory where the SQL Server 2008 install files are located and run:

setup.exe /Action=Install /INSTALLSHAREDWOWDIR=xxxxxxxxxxxx

where xxxxxxxxxx marks the spot (install directory for you SQL Server 2008) . During the install you can even alter the destination directory to any other location and NOT receive the above mentioned error.

Update: You may read up on the specific command line option at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955458

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