Data Protection Manager 2007: Replica is inconsistent

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Replica is inconsistent

This must be one of the most common errors in Data Protection Manager 2007, since i have seen this almost every day in my Administrator Console.

After the upgrade to Service Pack 1 for Data Protection Manager 2007 and fixing a minor ‘error ID 207’ problem, some of my protected server reported this error. No consistenty check of recreated recovery point could fix it. Within a second after selecting eihter tasks, this error reappeared.

It seems more DPM 2007 users have encountered this problem and there is yet a simple fix for it. Run the following command on the protected computer which is giving you the error and replace [SERVERNAME] for the name of your DPM server:

setdpmserver -dpmservername [SERVERNAME]

After running this command, try the consistency check again.

Additional info: Before running this command from the command prompt, you may need to navigate to the install location of your DPM agent, most likely:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin

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