SharePoint 2007 Search, searching for better…

Filed Under (SharePoint 2007) by Just An Admin on 27-05-2008

With the migration to MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 finished, we found that the search functionality is not what we have hoped for, at least not ‘out-of-the-box’. No wildcard support, no standard grouping of results… And since i do not have the skills to ‘build’ it myself, i was kind of forced to accept the lack of functionality, purchase a third party app or hire a programmer to do the job me.

Then again, if a product, like SharePoint 2007, lacks features or functionality but allows for customized extensions or add-ons, it’s just a matter of time until alternatives or enhancements surface. Ontolica, famous for providing just such features to SharePoint, offers a paid solution to fill this gap. They even offer one ‘module’ for free that is discussed on various blogs and websites: Ontolica wildcard search.

But there are other, less commercial solutions that deserve to be looked at:

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Inventory computer serial numbers during logon

Filed Under (Windows Networking) by Just An Admin on 23-05-2008

Why did we write this script? IBM allows us to get the warranty status of our IBM systems and how long the warranty lasts. It also enables us to check if the extended warranty was registered correctly.

Lookup for a single system
Lookup for multiple systems

The compilation of a list or input file that contains the required fields for a ‘multiple systems lookup’ wasn’t as easy to do as we had hoped.

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Getting to grips with password expirations!

Filed Under (Windows Networking) by Just An Admin on 14-05-2008

Every two months user start calling or e-mailing the helpdesk to request a reset of their Active Directory account. Because a lot of users work at customer locations, they miss the warning about their expiring account. A former collegue brought the following script to my attention, which automaticly sends users a warning message when their password is about to expire. Allthough nearly perfect, some little adjustements have been made:

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